Dare to Be Unstoppable: Embrace the Challenge

Take Your Fitness
to the Next Level

Our program is where the tough get stronger, and your grit is your greatest asset. When you tackle our challenging workouts, you’re not just building muscle; you’re cultivating resilience. Embrace the intensity, and watch as your determination transforms you into a force to be reckoned with.

Redefine your limits

When it comes to achieving remarkable results, we believe in pushing boundaries. Our program’s intensity is designed to challenge you like never before.

We understand that true growth happens outside of your comfort zone. By embracing the difficulty of our workouts, you’ll not only build exceptional strength but also discover the incredible potential within you.

Ideal for any workout Routine

Our workout program is seamlessly adaptable, making it an ideal addition to your current fitness regimen. Whether you’re already following a specific fitness plan or simply maintaining an active lifestyle, our program can work in harmony with your existing workouts. 

specific muscle Targeting

Our workout sessions are thoughtfully designed to target distinct muscle groups, guaranteeing a well-rounded and specialized training experience. Each workout is meticulously structured to hone in on specific muscles, promoting balanced development and maximum efficacy.

What Do Members Need

To Complete a Workout?

You don’t need a gym membership for 95% of workouts. You can achieve your fitness goals by toning your muscles and gaining strength with dumbbells in your home.


Explore this workout demonstration.

What Awaits You

Workouts curated by leading body building professionals

Each week, our expert trainers curate a dynamic workout to ensure you stay engaged, see consistent progress, and achieve your fitness goals. Get ready to experience the thrill of conquering something new every week, and watch your strength and fitness soar to new heights!

New Workouts for each muscle group added weekly

Explore fresh workout routines targeting specific muscle groups, with new routines added to your program every week. Keep your fitness journey exciting and effective as you continually challenge your muscles and make progress towards your goals.

Access to a Rotating Database of Workouts

Workouts that can be tailored to create your custom routines or follow our recommended workout routines. This dynamic resource ensures you have a versatile array of exercises at your fingertips to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Designed to increase muscle mass, power and endurance

Crafted to enhance muscle mass, boost power, and elevate endurance, our program is meticulously designed to help you achieve peak physical performance.

Introducing Vacation Bodies

A premier program exclusively available within E2M Premium

Designed to sculpt your physique in just 15 to 20 minutes a day, Vacation Bodies offers a comprehensive eight-week exercise regimen meticulously crafted to unlock your full potential. Our workouts are strategically stacked to target every muscle group, ensuring a well-rounded and specialized training experience. Led by expert trainers, each session challenges you to push beyond your limits, cultivating resilience and strength with every rep. With a focus on specific muscle targeting, our dynamic workouts guarantee balanced development and maximum efficacy.

Premium Glutes

A premier program exclusively available within E2M Premium

Transform your booty in just 15 to 20 minutes a day with our specialized eight-week exercise program, designed to unlock your gluteal potential. Each workout is strategically crafted to target every aspect of your glutes, ensuring a focused and effective training experience. Guided by expert trainers, you’ll be pushed to new limits, building resilience and strength with every session. Our unique approach emphasizes specific booty-targeting exercises, guaranteeing balanced development and maximum results.

Unlock Your Strength, Unleash Your Potential

Ready to Embrace the grind?

With every challenging workout, you’ll sculpt a stronger, more determined version of yourself, proving that your dedication can conquer any obstacle in your path.
$ 20 per Month
  • Requires a 3 Month Commitment
  • Pricing becomes $30 per Month after 3 Months
$ 30 per Month
$ 25 per Month
  • Billed Annually for $300
  • Receive Two Months for Free with an Annual Subscription
All payments made for your monthly or yearly subscriptions are non-refundable. This policy applies to both the initial subscription fee and subsequent monthly charges.



Certified Trainer


2023 Yorton Cup World Champion

Natural Men's Physique Pro

Certified Trainer


2023 OCB Women's Open Class Figure Pro

Natural Women's Physique Pro

Certified Trainer


2019 OCB Bikini Pro

Certified Trainer



Certified Trainer


Certified Trainer

E2M Premium Founder

Jeff Witherspoon

From a young age, Jeff Witherspoon was a natural athlete and loved being active. His fitness journey truly began as a young athlete at The Citadel where he was a champion track and field athlete. Upon graduation, he began a successful career in the Army, first serving as a Field Artillery Officer and later retiring as a logistics officer after 21 years of service. While serving multiple tours in Iraq, fitness became his way to cope with the stressors of combat. He enjoyed the way it not only made his body look but how it made him feel.

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Don't take our word for it

Hear it from our clients

“I’ve been committed to E2M since 2020, even during the peak of the pandemic. I’ve maintained unwavering consistency with my workouts. However, I want to emphasize that this premium workout is an absolute game-changer. It has taken my fitness journey to an entirely new level. As I sit here, feeling the burn in my muscles, I can confidently say that I’ve achieved something truly remarkable.

Antwaun Cook

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Frequently Asked Questions

E2M Premium is a highly recommended solution for individuals seeking effective weight loss. This exceptional product serves as a powerful strength training tool that can be seamlessly integrated with a calorie deficit diet and cardio exercises. By combining these elements, users can effectively realize their weight loss aspirations.

Our subscription offers a diverse range of workouts, including strength training, bodyweight exercises, and more. Each week, we provide new routines to keep your fitness journey engaging and challenging. 

Subscriptions can be canceled at any time by logging into your account at www.e2mfitness.com. Your membership will remain active through the duration of your billing cycle, at which point your cancellation will be confirmed.

E2M Premium focuses 100% on next level workouts to help you achieve those goals. For clean, healthy, whole-food meals, visit ww.e2mkitchen.com. If you have additional 1:1 coaching needs, within the program we recommend coaches and can connect you with the current leading professionals in the industry. 

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